"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela
Infant to 18 Month Class

Starting as an infant a child learns about their surroundings through sight, touch, and feel. At Little Learners Day Care™ our experienced staff works on hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills in a stimulated calm environment with love, caring, and kindess. We'll give them a glimpse at the new world around them through physical, intellectual, emotional, and social experiences.  All designed to help them enjoy their future learning experiences.  

​Preschool Class

As children transition into this new environment, they are curious and need to develop social and thinking skills. They need to learn how to get along with others and begin providing for themselves. We offer all children a safe, healthy, and happy environment to grow. We provide all children with an abundance of opportunities to explore, create, and learn with lots of love and attention. Books, toys, arts and crafts, motor skills, cognitive skills, and personal-social skills are all part of early childhood development. At Little Learners Day Care™ we encourage your child to expand his or her interests. Our centers will provide your child with a warm extension of home.

Pre-K Class

Pre-K at Little Learners Day Care™ is a time when children are getting ready for school. Through our expanded curriculum your child will learn all about books, stories, letters, numbers, colors, and shapes which are all an important part of reading and writing. They also will learn basic math concepts, playing together and sharing.  They'll develop social skills through painting, singing, and pretending. All of our activities are designed to help children enjoy learning. ​

Kindergarten Class

Kindergarten children benefit most from experimentation with a wide variety of materials, textures, color, shapes, and tools. When they are presented with techniques that they can respond to we help them work their way through the developmental stage of learning. We recognize that kindergarten children need opportunities to develop physical, language, social and emotional skills. Kindergarten children are filled with curiousity, they are ready to learn, read, write, explore sciences, be introduced to the arts, and do math. They are ready to explore and create. Little Learners Day Care™ prepares your child for the next phase of their education.

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